Good News Encounters

NEW series on the Stories of Jesus is here! Scroll down.

“Encounter” means meeting. This is our new place to meet to learn more about the Good News of God’s Son, Jesus! We are planning many exciting things, since we are not able to meet in person for clubs and camps.

The most important person you can meet in your life is Jesus. That is why we have “Good News Encounters,” so you can get to know Him from hearing stories from God’s Word, the Bible!

Join us for Bible stories, missionary time, songs, and more, all right here on video for you to access anytime!

If you do not have a Bible at home and would like to have one, your parents can let us know by going to Contact Us form on our website.



How does it work?

You can come anytime to watch a video episode!

Good News Encounters online content and prizes are geared towards ages 6 to 12, but any child is welcome to join in!


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