Good News Club

Hi clubbers!

Did you receive the letter from your Good News Club teacher in the mail? If not, click here to find the note for your school. smiley

We don’t want you to miss out on the small story paper we included in your end-of-year letter about Matt and his dog. Click here to read it again! If you have questions about what it means to trust Jesus as your Saviour from sin, we are happy to talk with you!

Watch special Easter lessons from my friend, Pastor Jack, who is a Good News Club teacher!

Part 1 – Pastor Jack tells us what the Bible says happened on the day we know as “Good Friday”


Part 2 – Pastor Jack tells us what the Bible says happened on Easter Resurrection Sunday








To Parents:

A Good News Club is a Bible Club for children ages 5-12. It is held one hour a week from October through March. These clubs are held where ever children can be gathered. Currently we have 11 After School/In School Good News Clubs throughout the county, but clubs are sometimes held in homes, churches, community centers, and daycares. The clubs are taught by screened volunteers. We have a 5–year curriculum which is designed to teach through the Bible. This curriculum includes a Bible lesson, memory verse, missionary story, songs, contests, games, and missionary emphasis. 

For further information on the Good News Club Program contact us by email: [email protected]